Ms Better's Miraculous Vegan Foamer

Based in Vancouver, this father and daughter (Philip and Sam Unger) create unique bitters, and have developped the world's first vegan cocktail foamer. Their ingredients are local as well as organic, which makes for entirely new flavours carrying a deep sense nostalgia.


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Product Information

Ms Better's Miraculous Vegan Foamer

This Miracle Foamer is a natural mix of three plants, macerated in a neutral alcohol.

Only a quarter of a dropper is required to replace egg whites in a cocktail. Give it a good dry shake to foam it up.

Visually, there's almost no difference between egg white and this foamer, except the foamer is a tad darker and more dense. On the bright side, it doesn't have the egg smell or taste and is creamier. The cocktail's taste won't change. We tried it in a Pisco Sour and a Clover Club and the result is yummy! 

No need to refrigerate, or juggle a stream of yolks.

This bottles produces between 250 and 300 cocktails.

It was created with two Vancouver bartenders from Bambudda bar: Tarquin Melnyk and Dylan Williams.


Technical Details

Origin Vancouver
Company Ms Better's Bitters
Flavor profile No
Format 118 ml (4 oz)
Storage Bar shelves