Green Policy


Alambika is constantly seeking to reduce its environmental footprint. We are a young company motivated by a sincere desire to do things right, and we feel it starts with the way we manage our ressources and wastes. Moreover, if we pollute the earth that we use to grow crops and do nothing to preserve fresh water, it would pretty much ruin it for future generations attempts to make decent wine and bottle high quality whisky. Dystopia has a name, and it's bland and tainted booze. 

 Rye fields of canada



1. Recycling. Systematic recycling or reuse of packaging materials.


2. Green ProductsWe strive to find and develop a range of green products made from recycled or renewable materials. Also, in this context, several projects with local artisans have resulted in organic, renewable and non-industrial means.


3. Paperless Office. Minimal use of paper is done in all our operations. When necessary, we use recycled paper. This is also why we put so much emphasis on e-marketing instead of using traditional means.


4. Environmentally friendly packaging. Use of protective foam and recycled or biodegradable cardboard.


5. Quality before quantity. By opting for quality, our products are designed to last a long time, thus limiting our impact on landfills.


6.  Grouped importsWhenever possible, our orders from foreign suppliers are streamlined to reduce unnecessary transportation.


7. Focus on energy efficiency measures. Our premises are isolated by using the latest technologies (urethane and double isolated windows), heating was converted to a 99% effective electric option and all our lighting are LEDs lights. We are proud to underline that our project was also accepted into energy efficient buildings program of Hydro-Quebec.